War Machine update

Dear Friends:

Here's a little update from the 

'War Machine' shoot, here in London...

The shoot has been a blast -and the work is really going great. 

Mr Pitt and I (as the US Army Generals) are working very well together. He's a good man.

Angelina came to the set on this day as well.

These two newcomers :) are regal themselves- as we all know. 

Down to earth, family oriented, and very good people. It's been a true honor working with Brad and our director, David Michôd. Anyway, we shot a Gala scene (set in Paris in the film) @ Buckingham Palace, last saturday.

Here are some great pics that Lucia took in the gardens of Buckingham palace, at Lancaster House that day. 

Great shots to enjoy-- 

Now we know where the Brits' tax monies have been going for the last 11 centuries. :)/ 

Love to all,

Mike and Lucia