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'Batman, Freddy, and an unlucky dude in North Carolina.' by AMH.

A brief tale of two different movie heroes and one unlucky dude in North Carolina:

I often find myself reading about the industry online in the morning, on my trusted IPhone 6s.  Like many, I'm usually reading peacefully while I commune with nature.  So, I think it's a fitting location, to read about the crazy cool business of Hollywood.  Like all businesses- it can be great -  or shitty. Forgive me for that one. 

Two stories lept from my bright screen early this morning. The first story - is 'all good' news.  To the great joy of the current.   Warner Brothers studios executives and fans everywhere around the world- the new franchise/tentpole/ colossus of comic book films, "Batman vs Superman" - has fast become an enormous success, with the film already earning an astounding  $420 mil plus globally, this last weekend.                             My congratulations; to Ben Affleck and Warner Brothers studios.  Go Batman. 

This is really good industry news - and I'm happy about it for two (somewhat selfish) good reasons:  # 1. I'm a big Batman fan.         I was proud to have a nice role in 'The Dark Knight' back in 2007.  And I really did enjoy meeting / and working with Christopher and Emma Nolan, Gary Oldman, Christian Bale and the entire team, when we shot in London and Chicago.  Great experience it was.

The kid in me, has always loved Batman. Since I was 5 or 6 years old, I dug Batman.  From the old tv show in the 70's, all of the films since Tim Burtons' in 1983, even the less than great ones that will go nameless) -  the whole legacy.  

The second reason -  is more personal.               I recently wrapped on a film with Mr. Ben Affleck this past December.  The film, 'Live by Night', is a classic, 1920's prohibition-era gangster flick. It was written By Dennis LeHane who also wrote 'Mystic River' for Clint Eastwood, and 'Shutter Island' for Martin Scorsese (okay, cue: the 'gratuitous plug').  LBN' is also a Warner Brothers film).  

Anyway, shooting the film with Ben and Chris Messina, was a real pleasure. The great Robert Richardson( the 3 time Oscar nominated cinematographer) shot it.  

He's reallg a great one.  All in all, I have high hopes for the film. It will be released in Oct. 2017.

Thag said, I am glad to say Ben is a good dude.  Down to earth,  smart and very talented, as many would attest.  Ben works hard, and since winning the Oscar for 'Best director' for 'Argo' - he has certainly become a filmmaker to watch in Hollywood.  

Keep rockin' in the free world, Ben. 

Now the second story, the zinger... 

'Arrested for late fees': 

The second story,  also relates to the film business.  Well, kinda.  This story is hilarious;  and it involves a film that I made 14 years ago in Vancouver, called 'Freddy Got Fingered'.   A crazy comedy that was written, directed by, and starring Tom Green.           I've always liked Tom Greens' 'in your face' style of humor. And there are definitely some wild and crazy and shocking scenes in this film. 

According to the article and police report which I read this morning (see below- article/post), a North Carolina man was pulled over in his vehicle for a broken tail light. At which point,  the cops found a 14 year old copy of  'Freddy Got Fingered' on VHS in the man's vehicle.   The man was promptly arrested and fined $200 dollars, for failing to return his VHS rental,  nearly 15years after its return date.  There was no jail time involved.  Poor bastard. 

The other notable piece of the story is this - after questioning, it was learned that the man was completely unaware that video stores were no longer in existence.  

You can't make this shit up.                        Truth IS - stranger than fiction.

  - AMH


How do huge franchise comic book films make 420million dollars in 4 days ?            THIS is how...'BvS'. 


Batman strikes again in 'Batman vs Superman' . Warner Brothers studios.